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"Helping each other with our Apple devices"

Are you interested in meeting with people who share similar interests and challenges with the new Apple devices? Do you want to share knowledge, tips, resources and troubleshoot together on ways to get better use from your iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch or AppleTV? 

Our club is for new and experienced Apple device owners.  Let’s learn together!  The technology is changing daily. Let’s make it work for us!

Accepting 2023 new and renewed members  Complete the memberships application below. Email it with your AppleCash payment, or drop your application and check off in the Club Box in the mail room or with the concierge. 


For our Member Application Form, CLICK HERE.

Upcoming Events


Monthly Meetings (last Thursday of the month, unless preempted by holidays):

Next Monthly Meeting:  January 26, 2023, 6:00 - 7:00PM, Event Center Register on MTL

Next ASK THE TECH  Round Table Meeting:  Jan 30,  1PM, Alice's Restaurant

2023 Meetings:

Jan - 30

Feb -  6 and 13

Mar - 6

Apr - 3 and 17

May - 1 

June - 12

July - 10

Aug - 7 

Sept - 11

Oct - 2 

Nov - 6 

Dec — no meetings

Note: 2023 Monthly meetings are the 4th Thursday of every month, starting January 2023, except for March when it will be the 3rd Thursday. Meetings are from 6-7 in the event center

Other Things of Interest

Upcoming Events

Don't be a victim of Electronic Fraud!

Presentation from the Brentwood Police Department on Fraud in the Electronic World. Complete video can be seen here:







Federal Trade Commission - Best place to get information on Scams, Fraud, etc.  A place to report

Take Aways from the Presentation:

Websites to know and visit:

Credit Bureaus: 

Apple System Software Upgades Available;

iOS16 for iPhone/iPad and Ventura, Mac OS 13 for Computers


iOS 16 Not supported on iPhone 7 or below, including old SEs

Also not supported on the following iPad models: iPad Mini (fifth generation or earlier) ‌iPad‌ (fifth generation or earlier)

How to upgrade?  Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. You might have to tap Upgrade to iOS 16 at the bottom of the screen and then Download and Install, or you'll be directed to Download and Install automatically. Either way, if your iPhone has a passcode, you'll be prompted to enter it. Agree to Apple's terms, and then wait. 

OS 13, Ventura, available for Computers, laptops & MacMinis.

Did you get a new AppleWatch?  Here's how to Pair it with your iPhone:

Set up your Apple Watch

Learn how to use your iPhone to set up your new AppleWatch

What is the Apple Wallet?


The Apple Wallet is an app on the iPhone and Apple Watch that securely and conveniently organizes your event tickets, boarding passes, vaccination card, credit and debit cards, transit passes, identity cards, hotel keys, reward cards, and more — all in one place.  iOS16 will bring much more to Apple Wallet

UPDATE Vaccination Record to your Apple Wallet (Must have iOS 15 or above)

Go to: 

  • Once at this site, fill out the form.  Be sure to remember the 4 digit passcode your assign. You will need it later 

  • When you submit this, you will get a text or email to access your QR code.
  • Open the link and you will have the option to put your card in your apple wallet.

Are you thinking about upgrading to a new iPhone, iPad, or AppleWatch?

Do you have any old Apple products just sitting forgotten somewhere? Please consider offering them to others who may have older devices and who do not want or need the brand new devices on sale now. We are also looking at donating old devices to those in the community less fortunate than us.The TAUG support techs will handle all the details - take your old equipment, completely erase all the data and info and pass them along to others who need them.  Details coming soon.

Call Apple Support at 1-800-APLCARE

Apple Support 

Apple Support Videos on YouTube

iMore - Information Site

MacMost - Information and Tutorials

Beware of Scams

Apple, Banks, Law Enforcement, the IRS, etc., will NEVER EMAIL OR CALL you and ask for money OR ask you to send Gift Cards. THESE ARE SCAMS.  HANG UP/DON'T RESPOND TO AN EMAIL!  Click Here for a list of current scams.

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