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"Helping each other with our Apple devices"


Are you interested in meeting with people who share similar interests and challenges with the new Apple devices? Do you want to share knowledge, tips, resources and troubleshoot together on ways to get better use from your iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch or AppleTV? 

Our club is open to all Trilogy residents; new or experienced Apple device owners.  Let’s learn together!  The technology is changing daily. Let’s make it work for us!

To Join:  Complete the above application.  You may now pay by ApplePay or Venmo or by check.  Simply complete application and return to the concierge desk. 


Next Monthly Meeting March 28, 6:00PM (fourth Thursday of the month, unless preempted by special events): Check MTL for details and be sure to Register!

ASK THE TECH Meeting:  April 15, 2024, 1 PM, Hii Room. 

Always check MTL for New Schedules for 2024!!

Monthly meetings, 4th Thursday of the month.

ASK THE TECH, 2nd Wednesday of the Month, in Hii Komme Rooms, 11AM - 12 PM*

May 15

June 12

July 10

Aug 14

Sept 18

Oct 9

Nov 13

NEW for TAUG:  Apple User Drop-In Clinic.  Have an issue you need help on? Bring your "quick" questions to the Apple User Clinic; the 2nd or 4th Friday of the month, at 10AM in the Komme Room. Register on MTL.  You must sign up for a 15 minute increment when you register. 

*looking for more coaches to help out.  If youor someone you know, is interested, have them contact Annette.

Next Basic and Intermediate iPhone Class Summer Schedule offered at Brentwood Senior Activity Center

Watch for Activities Guide.  To be posted April 1st, registration begins April 4th.

How to Protect Your iPhone Data From Thieves

You can’t always avoid device theft, but you can make it harder for thieves to get access to the data on your device.

  • Cover your screen in public. According to law-enforcement authorities, thieves devise clever ways to learn people’s passcodes, including filming them from afar.

  • When you’re out and about, rely on Face ID or Touch ID whenever possible to prevent passcode snooping.

  • In cases where you have to type it, treat your passcode like an ATM PIN. Don’t type the code in front of strangers.

  • Strengthen your passcode. Use at least six digits and make it complex. No more 1-2-3-4.

  • I changed over to alphanumeric passcodes: Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Change Passcode. When selecting a new passcode, tap Passcode Options > Custom Alphanumeric Code.

  • In Display & Brightness settings, set your Auto-Lock to 30 seconds, the shortest possible time, so your phone is never left unlocked for too long.

Don't be a victim of Electronic Fraud!

Presentation from the Brentwood Police Department on Fraud in the Electronic World. Complete video can be seen here:







Federal Trade Commission - Best place to get information on Scams, Fraud, etc.  A place to report

Take Aways from the Presentation:

Websites to know and visit:

Credit Bureaus: 

Did you get a new AppleWatch?  Here's how to Pair it with your iPhone:

Set up your Apple Watch

Learn how to use your iPhone to set up your new AppleWatch

What is the Apple Wallet?


The Apple Wallet is an app on the iPhone and Apple Watch that securely and conveniently organizes your event tickets, boarding passes, vaccination card, credit and debit cards, transit passes, identity cards, hotel keys, reward cards, and more — all in one place.  iOS17 will bring much more to Apple Wallet

Are you thinking about upgrading to a new iPhone, iPad, or AppleWatch?

Do you have any old Apple products just sitting forgotten somewhere? Please consider offering them to others who may have older devices and who do not want or need the brand new devices on sale now. We are also looking at donating old devices to those in the community less fortunate than us.The TAUG support techs will handle all the details - take your old equipment, completely erase all the data and info and pass them along to others who need them.  Details coming soon.

Beware of Scams

Apple, Banks, Law Enforcement, the IRS, etc., will NEVER EMAIL OR CALL you and ask for money OR ask you to send Gift Cards. THESE ARE SCAMS.  HANG UP/DON'T RESPOND TO AN EMAIL!  Click Here for a list of current scams.

Call Apple Support at 1-800-APLCARE

Apple Support 

Apple Support Videos on YouTube

iMore - Information Site

MacMost - Information and Tutorials

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